Why did we choose to take this journey?

We are wholeheartedly gamers, raised with videogames as a cornerstone in our entertainment, we learned from them and we experienced the sense of adventure and discovery of an epic journey.

But there was a difference, we didn’t only enjoy living those experiences and challenges. We want to share our own, to be experienced and enjoyed by the rest of the world. We want to give back to the world that gave us so much joy, we really want to make others feel that joy. At first it was only recommending other games to friends, to creating our own card games.

At this point it was clear that we wanted to make games, but when you start your journey the first thing on the roadmap it’s where your first stop gonna be.

Our ideas varied from crazy simple to AAA-budget level over the top ideas. From those ideas two elements arose as predominant, we want couch multiplayer, and we want to do a multi-concept game. With that in mind a coop crazy roguelike was the most exciting outcome, it allowed us to do so much crazy stuff without trivializing the challenge, and it sounded hella fun with a 4-person coop.

In the firsts months we worked in something similar to the more popular roguelikes, but it felt flat to our minds, we were losing the crazy and fun factor trying to focus on mechanics. So we started to iterate ideas to mix with the genre, should it be music? Humor? More RPG elements? We kept working on the structure while thinking about that, and kept adding different ideas with each iteration of the concept.

Finally, we mixed a lot of ideas maybe even more that we have should and got the idea of a roguelike of a reality gladiator show, where you had to fight enemies and drive the audience wild in order to survive. We quickly embraced the concept, it could make a game fun to play and watch. It also resonates really well with YouTube and streaming scene.

But the real goal that we wanted to reach was being able to play with friends and socialize. It has been a long time since 4 kids were playing together, bringing the perfect mix of fun and competition. Even so if we can make a roguelike multiplayer fun to play we may be able to bring back those experiences.



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